Speciality UHNWI Investors

FLOS Capital has in-depth experience as an investment manager for private UHNWI investors (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals). Private equities allow us to act with speed, fexibility and competitive pricing especially for off-market offerings. We invest on behalf of non-discretionary and discretionary accounts and, by acting as LOP, do achieve quick decisions and processes together with a performance-oriented fee policy. This experience is rooted in a long career record within the UHNWI solutions unit of UBS Global Real Estate.

Investment Management

FLOS Capital is a skilled investment manager which:

  • efficiently executes all transaction processes for share and asset deals
  • spans all complementary sourcing and transaction capabilities and services
  • includes best-in-class investment and asset allocation programs
  • generates off-market deal flow by constantly screening the markets.

The management has successfully closed over € 2,5bn of direct real estate acquisitions and sales throughout Europe

Flos Capital

Asset Management

FLOS Capital executes a bespoke business plan for each asset by:

  • identifying a clear roadmap to enhance revenues and build the optimal case for exit.
  • maximising value by proactively managing the real estate
  • maintaining and handling the asset with respect to actual ESG criteria
  • managing carefully ongoing operations, monitoring the property management, sourcing and negotiating tenancies as well as managing capex programs

Vehicle Structuring

FLOS Capital has specific experience in the efficient set-up of ownership structures for segregated accounts throughout Europe including Luxembourg, UK and Jersey as well as off-shore. We do navigate on all associated legal and tax complexities and do have experience with sharia compliance. By efficiently orchestrating professionals for legal, tax and business tasks in the creation of the structure, we aim to optimize the overall corporate set-up. FLOS Capital is not acting as legal or tax counsel.