Real estate investments do have a notable impact on both society and environment. FLOS Capital has implemented ESG screening, evaluation, code and social benefit tools to contribute to sustainable and responsible investment.


  • we check the sustainability and environment impact of any potential investments during technical due diligence including an own ESG-building-quality-ea have checklist
  • we integrate ESG resource management indicators into recommendations for investments and lettings and business plans
  • we aim to receive green certificates for any acquired or holding investment including green capex plans and leases
  • we participate in/regularely follow ongoing trainings, conferences and news of the RICS World Built Environment Forum as well as of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)


  • we have elaborated an own Code of Ethics which defines its fundamental values of labour management, health&safety and client relationship, to which our personnel is bound
  • we do regularely sponsor social aid projects and facilities (e.g. Swiss Special Olympics etc.)
  • we maintain a yearly budget to any employee for well-being in the field of sports, fitness or health


  • we have elaborated an own Code of Conduct which defines its fundamental values of company control, transparency and corporate structure, to which our personnel is bound
  • we have elaborated an own investment process guideline manual to secure qualities, transparency, accurate reporting and standardization in any single real estate investment and disposal process